Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Download Free Core Impact v7.5 Cracked

Download Free Core Impact v7.5 Cracked
With the addition of web application testing to its comprehensive network and end-user security testing capabilities, CORE IMPACT v7.5 now enables users to safely assess an organization´s security posture against the top three attack methods that jeopardize data today: penetration of network defenses through server vulnerabilities, deception of end users through social engineering attacks, and manipulation of web applications to access backend data.

The product´s unified interface provides a consistent methodology for replicating data breach attempts that spread among these attack vectors. Only IMPACT allows users to test information security in such an integrated, comprehensive, in-depth and seamless fashion.

Key new features in CORE IMPACT v7.5 include:

New Web Application Rapid Penetration Test (RPT) reduces time and experience required to test web application security
Through a series of step-by-step wizards, IMPACT streamlines the testing of web applications by automating tasks that would traditionally require significant time, effort and expertise to perform. IMPACT v7.5 extends the product’s proven RPT methodology with new Information Gathering and Attack and Penetration stages specifically designed to test web applications. The new Information Gathering stage crawls a website to identify pages to be tested, and the Attack and Penetration stage leverages dynamically created exploits to test the security of both custom and out-of-the-box
web applications.

Two new reports identify exposure to web application attacks and assist with remediation and
compliance activities
The Web Application Executive Report and the Web Application Vulnerability Report help developers and security professionals to identify and resolve web application security weaknesses. The Web Application Vulnerability Report provides detailed information about vulnerable fields and other paths of attack revealed during the testing process, identifying exactly which parts of the exposed application require development changes or other security fixes. The Web Application Executive Report provides a high-level summary of tested web applications and results to inform management of test results and to justify remediation resource requirements.

Dynamically produced exploits test custom and customized web applications
Because most web applications are either created in-house or purchased and then heavily customized, testing them for security vulnerabilities requires the creation of custom exploits. CORE IMPACT v7.5 first analyzes web applications for weaknesses and then leverages the results to dynamically create exploits that leverage real-world attack techniques – replicating the actions of an actual hacker.
When CORE IMPACT v7.5 discovers an exploitable vulnerability in a Web Application, it records the successful attack technique as a Remote File Inclusion (RFI) Agent or a SQL Agent (as applicable). The new agents allow testers to repeatedly take advantage of found vulnerabilities without having to manually manipulate the target web applications or running any code on vulnerable servers. This is done without writing code to the targeted web application server.

New Remote File Inclusion (RFI) Agent emulates attacks against PHP applications
The RFI Agent allows testers to demonstrate the consequences of a successful remote file inclusion attack by interacting with compromised PHP applications to:

Open a PHP Console – enables the tester to interact with the web application and server using PHP commands; provides direct access to backend databases and programs associated with the
web application
Open a Command Shell – enables the tester to run operating system commands on the web server
Install an IMPACT Network Agent – replicates multistaged attacks by leveraging the compromised web server as a beachhead from which to test other network systems against exploits for OS and services vulnerabilities

New SQL Agent assesses risks to backend databases
The SQL Agent allows testers to demonstrate the consequences of a successful SQL injection inclusion attack by interacting with compromised applications to:

Get Database Logins – provides a list of accounts that can access the database
Get Database Schema – retrieves the complete schema from the database, including all tables and rows
SQL Console – allows the tester to directly interact with the
SQL database
Get Database Version – retrieves the specific version information about the database that has been exposed.


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